Sendy Hosting: What are your options?

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Sendy is a self-hosted email campaign management application, that allows its customers to send thousand of emails in just a snap. Sendy provides email list management, sending email to list of subscribers, email campaign design, auto list management, email scheduling and autoresponders. To be able to use Sendy, you will need to consider a Sendy hosting option.

There are two approaches for that. You can either subscribe to a plan, offered by organizations providing Sendy as a service, or host Sendy on your own server (shared web hosting or Amazon EC2).

Sendy as a service

There are many organisations that provide Sendy as a service. They offer a variety of plans and offer services like hosting, backup, security and updates. All backend administration is handled by them. You just need to sign up and start using Sendy. Some organisations that provide this service are:


SendyBay is another company that provides 1-Click hosting for Sendy. There starter plan costs $3.99/ month.


SendyHosting is another such service. Their annual plan starts from euros 102.

Depending on the service or plan you choose, you may still need to purchase a Sendy license.

Self-hosted Sendy

If you are a technical person, then we suggest you go for hosting Sendy on your own. Sendy is easy to install and deploy on your server. There are two self-hosting options:

Amazon EC2

You can create an Amazon EC2 instance using an Amazon free tier services account and use it to deploy and run Sendy. If you use this option, you will get 62000 AWS SES sends free per month. EC2 instances are highly scalable and robust. You can use your own domain name. If you need help in installing Sendy on Amazon EC2, we have created a detailed and easy to follow course for you. The course is priced at USD 19. You can enroll in the course here.

Shared Web hosting

The other option is to install Sendy on a shared web hosting service. There are many such service providers available providing a variety of hosting options. If you choose this option, you will have to pay USD 1 for every 10000 emails you send via AWS SES. Through our course you can easily install Sendy on shared web hosting on your own. No need to hire any consultants or developers. You can enroll in this course here.