Get Sendy up and runnning step by step?

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Sendy is an email marketing platform through which you can send email campaigns, transactional mails, auto-responders, newsletters etc. It integrates with AWS Simple Email Service (SES) and that’s where it’s power lies. Through this integration you can really save big on your email marketing costs. Though Sendy also provides a hosted platform via EasySendy but true savings happen when you run it on your own servers.

One question we often get asked is how to setup or install Sendy? Honestly, it is not a rocket science. If you consider yourself even fairly technically sound, you can install it easily. There are a few well-written tutorials available out there for you to reference. However, if you are looking for a step by step guide, you will find them lacking. That’s where our courses come in.

We have been using Sendy for over an year now and we constantly felt a lack of a comprehensive guide on how to it setup and use it. Though the user interface is intuitive but if you are a new timer in email marketing world, it may get overwhelming.  So we decided to create such a guide and that’s how our course Email Marketing: Unlimited Emails via Sendy, AWS SES and EC2 was born.

This course covers setting up Sendy on shared hosting servers as well as on an Amazon EC2 instance and comes with a complete walk-through of Sendy. It has a free version also. This version covers installing Sendy on shared web hosting servers and includes basic lessons on how to use Sendy. You can enroll in the free version here. It is about 1 hour in length.

Once you are comfortable with the lessons in free version, you can go for the full course. The full course includes everything, as listed above, and it is also updated with new content. It is about 4 hours in length. The price of this course is USD 19. You can enroll in this course here.